Dr. Anna Turri

Faculty: Department of Marketing
McCoy College of Business Administration
Phone: 512-245-1889
E-mail: aturri@txstate.edu

Anna Turri joined the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University in August of 2011. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing and teaches undergraduate courses in Sales Management and International Marketing. Dr. Turri earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arkansas. She also holds an MBA from Sam Houston State University and a BBA from Texas A&M University.

Before entering academia, Dr. Turri worked independently as a business operator in Italy where she lived for almost five years. While there she honed her skills in the areas of sales, marketing, and management. Currently, Dr. Turri uses the lessons learned from her time abroad to enhance the undergraduate marketing courses that she teaches.

As a member of the sales faculty at Texas State University, Dr. Turri believes that it is important to bring an international business perspective to the sales students. In her Sales Management class she focuses on how different cultures can influence management styles, team dynamics, and selling practices. She also emphasizes the importance of effective communication in management and uses many in-class activities (e.g., role-plays) as teaching tools in order to actively engage her students in the learning process.